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110 Fitness is the first of its kind inclusive wellness center for individuals afflicted with disease and/or a developmental or physical disability. The mission of 110 Fitness is to leave no person behind so that they may reach their full potential physically, mentally, and spiritually by inspiring them to give their 110% effort in order to find the greatest balance in their lives. By combining physical exercise with ancillary mindful and wellness programs our members are provided with all the supports necessary to “Be 110”.

110 Fitness is the expansion of the Rock Steady Boxing South Shore program that has been running successfully since August 2016. Rock Steady Boxing South Shore is a physical therapy based non- contact, intense boxing fitness program designed to improve function, quality of life, strength, flexibility, and balance while reducing, reversing, and delaying the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Through the success of Rock Steady Boxing South Shore, we realized the potential to not only serve the Parkinson’s community better but all people struggling with disease or a developmental or physical disability. We are thrilled to make this dream into a reality to help better serve all people!



Brett Miller
Brett MillerOwner | Head Coach

Brett is passionate about adaptive fitness and inspiring the best in everyone he meets. The mission of his wellness design is to set a new standard in the “fight back” against Parkinson’s through holistic and fitness based approaches as well as sharing his exceptional training and conditioning experience with able-bodied adults and children limited by disease or disability.

Brett has worked in the fitness industry for 24 years with extensive experience in kickboxing, boxing, spinning, rowing and strength and conditioning. He is the Head Coach of Rock Steady Boxing South Shore and is the strength and conditioning coach for world-class boxers and Olympic athletes focusing on injury prevention and rehabilitation. Additionally, Brett is a licensed physical therapist with 23 years of experience. He has owned and operated Boston Orthotics, Inc. for the past 15 years. Brett was also an adaptive sports coach at New England Disabled Sports for 18 years. Brett is a U.S. Army veteran and is proud to have served as a special operations combat medic. Brett is also certified in Concept 2 Rowing, Pedaling for Parkinson’s, SCW Boxing Fitness, CPR/AED, and is a licensed boxing second in the state of Massachusetts.
Carol Cooney
Carol Cooney

Carol has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years and received her yoga teacher certification in 2010 through Diane Kovanda at Kind Yoga School on Cape Cod.   Since then she has continued her exploration of mindfulness, meditation and yoga by attending many programs, workshops and classes including Children’s Yoga Certification, Yoga for Breast Cancer, and many meditation programs.

She currently teaches classes on the South Shore.  She became an Usuii Reiki Master/Teacher through Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Libby Barnett, M.S.W.  At Brigham & Women’s Hospital she spent a number of years using this ancient, gentle healing practice on many floors of the hospital but most often with oncology patients.  This experience truly changed her life and made her more passionate about sharing the importance of breathing and bringing more awareness into our everyday life.  Her class is a Kripalu based gentle practice of compassion for ourselves and others, mindfulness, reflection, breath work, time spent listening to our own bodies, and, of course, humor.  When we practice these things on the yoga mat, we will be truly amazed at what we notice about ourselves, others and we can take our yoga off the mat and into the world.

Heather Degnan
Heather Degnan

Heather has been practicing  yoga for over 10 years and believes it is a beautiful way of bringing movement to the body and calmness to the mind. In her profession as a police officer, yoga has been vital at keeping stress at bay. Heather quickly realized that in addition to the physical benefits such as increased focus and sleep management, the yoga philosophy had become a part of her lifestyle and became integrated into her work, helping her serve the community with more compassion and empathy. Heather teaches a Vinyasa style yoga with freedom for any body type, taking into account that every physical body is different and movement from minute to minute might change. It is not about the end result “Instagram” perfect yoga pose but about the journey and your ability at any given moment – Practicing what feels right for you!

Anna Dunbar
Anna Dunbar

Besides being an avid dancer growing up, Anna always considered herself someone who worked out “casually”. She’d go for a casual one to two-mile run and go to the gym occasionally, never fully understanding how to push herself. Then in her late twenties, Anna found her “fitfam” who helped transform her into the athlete she is today.

Fitness woke her competitive spirit and she has no desire to look back, always looking for the next challenge and more ways to improve both physically and spiritually. Anna truly believes that fitness, health, and wellness are a way of life.

Anna had the privilege to run and complete the Boston Marathon as part of Team With A Vision, a group of both sighted and visually impaired runners who raise money and awareness for the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Anna also guides visually impaired runners in marathons and half marathons. She is an avid obstacle course racer and has run Spartan races including completing the Spartan Trifecta. Anna has been involved with Rock Steady Boxing South Shore since its inception in August 2016. She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and received her coaching certification for Rock Steady Boxing. Anna is also certified in SCW Boxing and Balanced Athlete Level 1. She is currently in pursuit of her 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher certification.

Anna works in the health and human services world, working with individuals with both developmental and physical disabilities. She fully subscribes to a quote by the late, great Muhammad Ali, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Mike Showstack
Mike Showstack
Mike Showstack is a thirty-year student of Shaolin Hung Gar Tiger-Crane Kung Fu and Yang Tai Chi. He was the senior student at the Chung Wah Center in North Quincy. During his tenure, he assisted his teacher, Master Yon Lee, at both Harvard and Brandeis Universities as well as participated in a clinical project at Mass General Hospital. He has studied under Shifu Deli, the Grandmaster of Wing Chun Kung Fu in China. Mike’s teacher Master Yon Lee is a fourth generation disciple of the Tiger-Crane Style, receiving his training from Master Tang Kwok Wah, the Senior disciple of the Grandmaster Lam Jo.
Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson

Growing up, Mary had always been interested in athletic challenges and had to frequently overcome health issues to participate. She recognized at an early age that physical activity had more benefits than just staying in shape.

Mary became a professional ballroom dancer and instructor in 1993 at a national franchise studio. It was here that she met Brett and Audrey. Her passion for teaching others the joy of ballroom dance and seeing it change how people relate to themselves and others kept her inspired as an instructor long after her own professional dance career ended.  Mary began practicing both power yoga and Hatha yoga over 10 years ago at a local gym, interested in learning another form of movement. It was a humbling 60 minute experience for her and she fell in love with the practice immediately. Mary started yoga teacher training quite recently looking to grow her own practice with no intention of teaching others.  When she learned about Brett’s new venture she knew it was something she wanted to be involved with and quickly became inspired to teach again.

Just Show Up

Be Fit. Be Mindful. Be Well. Be 110.