Meet Leslie “Rapid Fire” Owren

Enjoy our new segment in the Weekly Grind so you can meet and learn more about our fighters! This week, meet Leslie “Rapid Fire” Owren!

  1. When were you diagnosed with Parkinson’s?

    February 2014, but in hindsight, I definitely had symptoms at least one year before that, but had no idea they were related to Parkinson’s Disease.

  2. When did you start coming to 110 Fitness?

    February 2022. I only wish I had known about it much sooner.

  3. What’s your favorite class or activity at 110?

    I typically attend the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Rock Steady Boxing classes. I really like the Tuesday class. It offers a wide variety of exercises that you can choose to do in any order you want. 110 also offers several community activities where family and friends are invited to participate as well.

  4. What do(did) you do for work?

    I worked in the financial services and technology industry, in various capacities, for 45 years. My most recent position was in the Marketing department as Event Manager at Eagle Investment Systems, a subsidiary of BNY Mellon.

  5. What would you like us to know about you and your family?

    My family includes my husband, Rob, daughter Blair (43) and son Toby (41). We have five grandchildren and are very fortunate that they live nearby. They keep us moving!

  6. Any fun hobbies you’d like to share?

    Not really. I’m not much of a hobby person. The closest thing to a hobby is attending our grandchildren’s various sporting and school activities, in addition to some daycare responsibilities.

  7. How has 110 Fitness impacted your life outside of the gym?

    Oh, my goodness, where do I begin? 110 Fitness has educated me about Parkinson’s and has given me the will and drive to fight back against it. Brett’s mission to help people with PD is absolutely incredible and second to none. And, Anna is a wonderful coach, encouraging us to stay strong along this journey. The work I put into 110 helps me to live a better life with this disease. The rigorous exercise, research, education, positivity and community spirit that comes from 110 is a godsend. I am very fortunate to be a part of this amazing family.