April 2019

My Life As A Cornerman


By Ellie Beatty When I was nicknamed “Fist” in college for hitting a Parisian guy who was being fresh with a friend of mine, I never dreamed that I would end up cornering in a boxing gym! At the time the nickname was particularly funny because I was a slight person, and not at [...]

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March 2019

Effort VS. Achievement


By Ellie Beatty   For years educators have known that praising effort rather than achievement encourages the growth of the individual, both in motivation and in skill. I have seen this to be true at Rock Steady Boxing South Shore. My father-in-law, Bud, and I attend Rock Steady Boxing every Thursday in Rockland at 110 Fitness. Bud [...]

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February 2019

I’m Still Inside


By Ellie Beatty This week at 110 Fitness, my father-in-law, Bud, and I removed his winter jacket, patiently mastered the challenge of putting on his wraps, and secured the safety belt around his waist.  Then I said “Bud, I’m going to straighten you out.” and realigned his wheelchair with the group.    Bud replied something I could not [...]

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January 2019

First Impressions


By Ellie Beatty When my father-in-law, Bud (who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 20 years ago), and I attended our first Rock Steady Boxing South Shore class at 110 Fitness, I remember thinking, “These people understand.” In the Rock Steady Boxing South Shore program, all the boxers wrestle against a common foe: Parkinson’s Disease. [...]

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July 2018

Attend Rock Steady Boxing South Shore’s 2 Year Anniversary Bash!


Join us on Friday, August 10th at Lombardo's in Randolph as Rock Steady Boxing South Shore celebrates our 2 year anniversary! It has been an incredible two years filled with hope, inspiration, community and endless support. It is through this great community we have all built together that we were able to open our [...]

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February 2018

110 Fitness Featured on Channel 5!


Thank you so much to WCVB Channel 5 and Erika Tarantal for visiting 110 Fitness and helping share our mission so we can serve more people in order to help them "fight back"!

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January 2018