July 2020

UPDATED 110 Fitness Reopening Schedule


8/4/20 Please note this important update regarding our phased reopening schedule. The original plan is detailed below. Phases 1 and 2 began on their anticipated start dates (7/6 and 7/20). However, we will be delaying the start of Phase 3 to a date TBD. This is not due to any health or safety issue. [...]

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110 Fitness COVID-19 Re-Opening Plan


  July 2, 2020 110 Fitness Re-Opening Plan 110 Fitness (110), like many businesses, is facing unprecedented times due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We, like all businesses, are facing the dilemma of the decision of when to open, balancing the isolation/lack of socialization and economic impact with the individual risks. We are being [...]

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April 2020

110 Daily Grind


Join the hundreds participating in our FREE virtual workouts. Simply click the link below to visit the 110 Daily Grind playlist on our YouTube channel. We want to see your photos and videos! Send them to [email protected] or #110dailygrind on social media. 110 Daily Grind We are also sending out daily 110 Daily Grind [...]

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March 2020

Everyday Movements and Practices


Work On Posture Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest up, pull belly button in Wall Posture Strengthening Exercise Stand with back facing the wall, heels are 2 inches from the wall. Push butt, back, shoulders, head and hands into the wall and hold for 30-60 seconds. Hydration (with the exception of someone with congestive [...]

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December 2019



By Ellie Beatty For a variety of reasons, my father-in-law, Bud, and I were late leaving for the 10 AM Rock Steady Boxing South Shore class a few weeks ago.  So after breaking the speed limit and running with the wheelchair, we entered the gym, breathless at 10:30. Brett, who was leading the group [...]


November 2019

It’s Great To Be Alive Again!


By Chip Maury As a Navy Diver and Parachutist, I began jumping in 1960. I became a member of two Navy Parachute teams, “The Chuting Stars” and “Leap Frogs” out of Coronado. My last jump was over ten years ago. I'd grown older and the broken body parts had combined with my slow Parkinson’s [...]

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October 2019

My Experience As A 110 Fitness Cornerman


By Judy Johnson When I first walked through the door of 110 Fitness in Rockland, Massachusetts, I immediately observed a joyful acceptance and overflowing understanding of the boxers who were seated to my right.  They were being welcomed, not only by the staff and volunteers but also by their fellow boxers. Then I met [...]

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September 2019

Spartan Chicago Sprint 2019


By Kathleen "Katniss" Callahan Now that the dust has settled (or mud), I wanted to share some details of our Chicago Spartan adventure with the 110 Fitness gang. For those who are unfamiliar with the Spartan event, it involves multiple obstacles: rope climbing, wall climbing, rings, monkey bars, carrying fun buckets of rocks and [...]

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