By Chip Maury

As a Navy Diver and Parachutist, I began jumping in 1960. I became a member of two Navy Parachute teams, “The Chuting Stars” and “Leap Frogs” out of Coronado.

My last jump was over ten years ago. I’d grown older and the broken body parts had combined with my slow Parkinson’s dance.

On September 15th, at 14,000 feet I got my knees in the breeze again! A long overdue “Air Bath” with old sky diving friends. “Welcome back!” calls from youngsters whose parents weren’t even born when I first stepped out that open door were music to my 80-year-old ears.

With deep appreciation and an extra measure of gratitude – thank you to Not Impossible Labs (NIL) and 110 Fitness! The magic of NIL’s Vibrohealth wristbands won’t cure my PD, but they sure have improved the quality of my life.

My tremors are all but eliminated, my balance is better, my gait and stamina are extended. NIL is spot on – no matter the obstacles anything is possible for us “Parkies” with Not Impossible Labs and their dedicated family-like staff.

NIL and the 110 Fitness community have had a positive impact on my life. Thank you so very much. It’s great to be alive again.