By Judy Johnson

When I first walked through the door of 110 Fitness in Rockland, Massachusetts, I immediately observed a joyful acceptance and overflowing understanding of the boxers who were seated to my right.  They were being welcomed, not only by the staff and volunteers but also by their fellow boxers.

Then I met Brett Miller.  His fitness and wellness provides a clinically-based non-contact boxing program for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.  With his contagious and loving personality, he begins his class.  He gently encourages each boxer to push forward, to challenge themselves, and to enjoy every moment of the class.

At the end of each session, Brett always calls out to everyone in the gym to meet in the middle of the floor. Each person begins to make a connection with the other boxers, caretakers, and volunteers.  With a gentle touch we are all now as one.  At this point Brett reads inspirational words of encouragement.  Then he loudly begins his cheer of: “We are 110 Fitness!  We are 110 Fitness!”  We repeat this with him.  Then Brett sends everyone off with the positive encouragement of a leader.

After being lucky to participate as a volunteer I have a feeling of being welcomed, and that Brett is a reflection of the heart and compassion that flows easily within the 110 Fitness family.

I have made many friends and am so lucky to watch miracles happen each and every day at 110 Fitness.  And I am proud to say: “I am a 110!”  Thank you.