By Mary O’Donnell

Rock Steady South Shore/110 Fitness is a very special place.  There are many things that make it special.  And like many great institutions it all starts at the top with owner/head coach, Brett Miller.

Brett knows every boxer, caregiver and volunteer (“corner person”) by name. He is the boxer’s greatest advocate and is always looking to add programs that help people with Parkinson’s. On any given day you could paint in an art workshop, ballroom dance, practice yoga for Parkinson’s, do spinning for Parkinson’s or box at two different levels of Rock Steady classes. And Brett is continuing to add more.

Brett teaches many of the Rock Steady Boxing classes. He is constantly monitoring to make sure all the boxers are safe, but he also pushes each boxer to achieve their best.  I am both a corner person and a boxer.  While I was cornering for a boxer who uses a wheelchair, Brett got her to stand and do 10 push-ups off the side of the boxing ring.  She had such pride in her achievement.

I love the sense of community at 110 Fitness.  Everyone cheers you on and celebrates every victory no matter how small. The boxers and corners have each other’s backs.

110 Fitness has wonderful corner people who volunteer their time. My husband and best friend both corner at RSB and love doing it as much as I love seeing them there.  They’re on the journey with me and all the other boxers.  We couldn’t do it without them!